First 3D head projection test

20 Sep

Receiving boxes from eBay is always a little bit like Christmas for me. My head was delivered over the weekend!

Whats in the boooooox!?

Nice to see you too

I’m using this YouTube video to calibrate and adjust my projector settings.

It went really well. So well in fact that I think I”m going to use a video including 4 of the five heads of the Haunted Mansion as the looping video on my porch for Halloween this year. I’ve got the following to do before 10/31.

  • Order 3 more styrofoam heads
  • Build something to secure heads in place (2×6 and some dowel rods?)
  • Make/buy a black fabric table cloth to cover the table used to hold the heads
  • Build a box to contain the projector and protect it from weather/curious hands
  • Figure out a speaker setup so people can actually hear the heads singing
  • Measure throw distance for the projector
  • Re-encode video to project at the correct size based on installation distance

Next weekend I’m going to attempt to measure out my installation site so I can adjust the video and projector distance accordingly. I imagine this is going to be the tricky part with lots of video resizing and re-encoding.

Below is a video of my single head test, looks pretty good!