Creative wrapping

Every year I wrap my Christmas presents in plain brown paper and then try to decorate them in a creative way. Last year I illustrated them with a silver sharpie, the year before it was stick on googly eyes for everyone.

This year I came across a really cool idea at using a print out a font as a stencil they show how to use pages from old books as lettering for gifts. Since I tend to have lots of “book guts” lying around from my Etsy store projects I decided to give this one a shot.

I used ManMadeDIY’s suggestion to use your turn table cover as a lightbox, this worked great! The only change I made was the flip the stencil so I was tracing the letters backwards. This way any pencil lines that remain after cutting will be on the side that is glued down to the box. One glue stick and two sticky hands later I had some pretty great looking gifts.