Panavise Jr. iPhone Tripod

Yesterday I found myself needing to film a short demo of a project I’m working on and couldn’t figure out how to balance my iPhone on my desk to get the shot. I’m a big fan of the Glif iPhone 4 tripod mount but I unfortunately do not own one (nor do I know where my tripod is for that matter).

Thankfully my trusty Panavise Jr. came to the rescue. I was able to screw it in tight enough to hold the phone vertical or horizontal without marring the phone’s bumper case at all. The Panavise has a nice ball joint to swivel on so you can really get any positioning you could possibly need. Not a bad spur of the moment tripod.

You can pickup the Panavise Jr. for $25 on Amazon and makes a great tripod, oh yeah and it holds PCBs too.