Everyday fixes with Makerbot #1 (Desk Gromit)

I’m a huge fan of Thingiverse.com user Zaggo’s video series “Better Living Through Makerbot” Here’s a link to his first video. In this series he shows how you can use Makerbot around the house as a tool rather than a toy. I’ve printed my share of legos and whistles, but seeing someone actually fix problems around the house with Makerbot is really cool.

I ran into a problem around the house that I realized I could fix with the help of Makerbot. So here’s my first installment of “Everyday fixes with Makerbot”.

The table in my workshop/man cave was in desperate need of some cable management. The best way I could see fixing this problem is by running some of my cables down through the desk. The only issue with this is that I would then have a huge ugly hole in the middle of my desk. So this was the good news moment of my day.

Good News: I had a white 2″ desk gromit I could use to fill the hole and class things up a bit.
Bad News: My desk is black.

I had some black ABS already loaded in my Thing-o-Matic so I took the next logical step and reached for my digital caliper to get modeling. In about 15 minutes I was able to make a nearly exact scale model of my white desk gromit in Google Sketchup.

Real world vs Google Sketchup.

I exported the model from Sketchup, loaded it into ReplicatorG and hit print. Since I this was printed without a raft it only took a little over an hour before I had a functioning desk gromit in black. The top fits snuggly into the base without being too hard to remove. It actually holds on a little better than the store bought model. Here’s a link to my model on Thingiverse (which can be freely downloaded and printed). This model can be scaled up or down to fit various hole sizes, the full size model will fit a 2 inch hole.

[thingiverse thing=7902]

Here are some pictures comparing the store bought vs printed model. Over all I’m very happy with the print quality and can’t see any reason to buy a desk gromit ever again!

Note: The gromit is stuck into a white cardboard box for the photos. The black desk made it impossible to see anything (which after all is the whole point).