“Edison Style” hanging light

I’m always looking for cool editions for my man cave, I don’t have a lot of space so I aim for quality over quantity. Last weekend I found these incredibly cool reproduction “Edison Style” light bulbs on Amazon and knew they could earn a spot in the man cave. The bulb was too cool to just throw in a lamp, I had to incorporate the old timey style of the reproduction bulb in the fixture it would live in. So I headed to one of my homes away from home, Home Depot. While there I picked up the following:

20′ 14 gauge, 2 conductor SO Cord (rubber coated wire)
1x Rubber coated light socket
1x Two pronged plug
1x Package of 3M Command hooks

Included in the gallery you can see my construction log. Because I was really going for a simple vintage look this was not a very complicated build. Here are my step by step instructions:

  1. Solder the socket and SO cord together and cover the connections in heat shrink
  2. Screw the other end of the SO cord into the two pronged plug
  3. Test the electrical connections (I used an ordinary CFL for this)
  4. Hang the SO cord using Command hooks
  5. Plug into switched light switch or totally awesome wirelessly controlled plug strip
  6. Be the coolest kid you know

The hanging SO cord doesn’t look quite like I had envisioned due the the stiffness of the cord, but in all I’m happy with the results.