Everyday Fixes with Makerbot #2 (Kitchenaid Cap)

Owning a Makerbot has changed the way I think about replacement parts. So when a friend of mine mentioned that he lost the cap for the front of his mixer I had to step in.

“No Jeff, I can’t let you buy a $6 replacement cap for your mixer. That is ridiculous.” I said as I rode in my Makerbot high horse. “Let me take care of this.”

As an owner of this particular mixer myself (as should any home baker) I was able to use my cap as a reference model. I spent about 15 minutes with SketchUp and my digital caliper and was able to get a pretty good replica of the part. I made some minor customization that allows it to fit in both my newer “Classic Plus” mixer and my parents ~15 year old mixer (“Artisan?”).

As you can see from the gallery below the model isn’t very complicated. I’ve uploaded both a Makerbot branded and plain cap (suitable for customization). While this isn’t an expensive replacement part it’s always nice to have the option to spend $0.25 printing a replacement instead of paying $6 + shipping. Hopefully another Thingiverse user will find this helpful in the future.

[thingiverse thing=8415]