Panavise Jr. “Speed Winder”

As I’ve posted before I love my Panavise Jr. I’ve used it to hold just about anything you can imagine and it always works like a champ. I do however have one small complaint, it takes forever to open and close. The threading on the threaded rod that opens and closes the jaws is very small and so it takes (approximately) between 2 and 3 million turns to move the jaws from fully open to fully closed.

Well This is a problem no longer. I’ve used my Makerbot in the past to create replacement parts and toys but never actual tools until now. Inspiration struck on a particularly messy project that left my drill out on my workbench next to my soldering station and electronics tools. It was so obvious, I had my “Speed winder” right there the whole time, I just needed the right drill bit to leverage it’s AWESOME POWER.

I took some measurements from the Panavise Jr.’s crank knob and I was off to Google Sketchup. The model itself was pretty straight forward, just a cap to go over the crank knob and something to feed into the chuck of my drill. As you can see below despite being a fairly simple model getting the sizing and scale right took quite a few revisions.

I was pretty shocked at how well the “drill bit” held up in my drill. The rod that feeds into my drill is surprisingly strong considering the diameter. As you can see in the gallery and video below it works great! Not a bad little upgrade for one of the handiest tools on my workbench.

Surprisingly about  a week after I had a working model I found that Paravise was shipping their own simliar attachment for their vice. The “Easy On/Easy Off” is available through Panavise directly, though I would point out it’s still very manual…

As usual I’ve made the model available on Thingiverse. I have to imagine I can’t be the only person that would find this handy. Every good Maker has a Panavise!

I’ve put together a little video for this project as well (I was looking for an excuse to learn Final Cut Pro X anyway…)


[thingiverse thing=13304]