Collapsable iPhone Camera Handle

I really shouldn’t have a problem filming things with my iPhone without getting fingers in the way of the lens, but it happens. I’ve also noticed that it’s easy to accidentally rub the microphone and mess up the audio during recording. Because I have a couple holiday concerts coming up that I’ve been asked to record I thought it would be worth figuring out a better way to tackle this problem.

One of the great things about 3D printing is that you can always modify existing proven designs to fit your current needs. So rather than starting from scratch on this project I started with my iPhone Tripod attachment  and added the new features I was looking for. First I modeled a handle long enough to hold comfortable, but short enough to carry in your pocket. Then I removed the tripod nut hole and added a slot for the handle to slide into. I also added a slot in the handle and a tab on the camera mount so the two parts slide together for easy transport in your pocket or bag.

Like the previous design you’ll need to throw a couple of suction cups in the holes of the phone mount. These can be found at hardware stores pretty cheaply (I got some at Home Depot for around $2 a dozen). So pop in the suction cups, stick the handle into the mount and you’re ready to shoot some video.

The handle works great, I’ve filmed a few things with it and it’s comfortable enough to hold for long periods of time. The picture seems much more stable and less shaky when I use this plus you don’t run the risk of rubbing against the speaker. It’s already earned a permanent spot in my camera bag.


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