Last minute Christmas door decoration

Twas the night before the night before Christmas and all through my house, I scrambled and shambled to clean up the…house…

It was Christmas eve-eve and my friends would soon be, here at my door with nothing to see!

So while cleaning and prepping I had a new thought, why not combine Christmas and my friend MakerBot?!

I took a quick break, a few minutes or so, and designed a tree that truly would glow!

With some plastic some solder and a few LED’s, I created a tree for my friends to all see.

When my friends all arrived they exclaimed “wow that’s bright!”, and that’s what I did on my Christmas eve-eve night.

I designed a quick 2 color Christmas themed print that would hold a couple of LEDs and a 9v battery. The tree was printed in Nuclear Green and the base was printed in Fluorescent Red. The tree has holes to slide 5mm LEDs into and the back of the “Merry Christmas” base has room to slide a 9v battery in sideways. The battery doubles as a stand when it’s placed on a shelf and alternatively there is a notch near the top so it can be hung from a nail on your door (I have finally made use of a nail that was left by the last people to live here). The print took around an hour and a half which gave me time to clean up the house! Final soldering of the battery terminal, LEDs and resistor took another 5-10 mintes.

Some quick instructions:

  1. Print the base (battery holder) and tree (LED holder)
  2. Glue two parts together (I used some very strong hot glue from McMaster-Carr)
  3. Solder LEDs together
  4. Solder in a resistor (I used a 430Ω resistor I had lying around)
  5. Solder in your 9v battery connector
  6. Connect battery and be merry.

I’m pretty happy with the outcome. One of the LEDs is a little dim which could be fixed by wiring it differently, but for a quick holiday project, I think this one turned out ok.

[thingiverse thing=15141]