Golf Pencil Dispenser

I do a lot of shopping at IKEA, whether it’s for disposable apartment furniture or cheap mechanical parts to use for DIY projects. Whenever I leave the store I always end up with a pocket full of those little golf pencils they have all over the store. I’m not a collector, it just happens. These pencils (as well as any from trips to the library or mini golfing) all end up in my coffee can full of pens and pencils I keep on my work bench, trapped at the bottom forever amongst the lint and eraser bits.

Well I’ve decided they deserve a better life. One where they are used and not ignored because of their size in the bottom of a lonely can. Time to liberate my miniature writing implements.

I started off with the idea of making a straw dispenser for pencils. This went through a couple revisions in Google Sketchup and a couple of improvements (a lid and holes to hang it from the wall with screws).

Off to the Thing-o-Matic for a solid 2 hours of printing, a little dremeling to clean up some sagging ABS, upload to Thingiverse and I’ve got a place to store and dispense tiny pencils. Now off to IKEA again for…supplies.

[thingiverse thing=16133]