Iterators gonna iterate.

The iterative design process is something I’ve come to know quite well after getting my Makerbot. The idea of “well this is kind of annoying, but whatever” that is all too common with store bought products goes out the window when you can make the change yourself. For example when designing my “Panavise Jr. “Speed Winder” I had a working drill adapter by the second iteration. That of course did not mean it was finished. I cranked out 4 more revisions before calling it “good enough” each one with a slightly better fit and ease of use. This is obviously a blessing and a curse, as I’m always looking for ways to improve the designs that I use daily just because I can (and I often spend hours trying to get it just “that much” better).

This brings me to my latest updated model my trusty money clip. My original money clip design was not that original at all, it was a derivative or Bre Pettis’ money clip uploaded to Thingiverse. In my previous post I took this original model and made 3 upgrades to it before settling on something I was happy with. That was 11 months ago and as you can see from the picture below it’s held up quite nicely.

Well despite the months of good service I have decided that my clip is no longer sufficient, so I started poking around on Thingiverse to see if there were any similar models that would inspire me. I ended up on the “Pocket Coin-Op Bottle Opener” designed by br3ttb. This struck me as the perfect addition to my money clip. Not only would it remove one item from my daily “pocket kit” (I keep a bottle opener on my keychain) it’s also the type of model that got me into 3D printing (back in the summer of 2010 I was sent a print out of the original “Old School Coin-op Bottle Opener” by Schmarty and just about lost my mind when I realized I could print useful objects).

The trick was geting the two models to mash up nicely, as you can see in the picture below it took quite a few iterations. While all of the designs were functional they could all be better. For example v5-v7 printed and were functional but had some angles a little too extreme for my printer that left the print a little messy, v6 was difficult to get money in and out of the clip, etc.

What I ended up with is a new functional money clip AND bottle opener or as I titled it on Thingiverse “Coin-op Money Clip“. Thanks to the previous work of br3ttb, Bre, and myself. Collaborative design is pretty awesome, now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go test out my new opener.


[thingiverse thing=24976]