Play like a Maker

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I’ve been fascinated with the work from Kacie Hultgren (PrettySmallThings on Thingiverse) for awhile now. Her incredibly intricate scale model furniture designs are some of my favorite “demo prints” for friends and others interested in what can be done with 3D printers and they always get the desired “woah” response. Kacie and the recent influx of “playsets” on Thingiverse gave me the inspiration to delve into this world of miniatures and I couldn’t think of a better place to start than by modeling something I’m rather familiar with, my workshop!

Below is a photo of my workshop that was featured in the recent “Where you Makerbot” blog series at, I used this photo for reference and tried to model what I think are the important bits.

In the gallery below you can see a few good close ups of the more complicated pieces of the playset. The lamp and ABS filament spools in particular need a little “post processing’ after printing. A dab of super glue or homemade ABS glue (post to follow) holds these parts together as printing them as one piece at this scale would be tricky.

So now on Thingiverse you have the option of downloading and printing a playset for astronauts, medieval knights, and people that like to make things in their spare time. Who knows, maybe it’s the next big thing in kid’s toys!


[thingiverse thing=24266]