Hello, I’m the Doctor.

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday and I’m always on the lookout for low cost costumes I can piece together at Goodwill. While pondering a costume for this year my current obsession with Doctor Who quickly took over and my mind was made up.  

The only prop not easily found at Goodwill is the Doctor’s trusty Sonic Screwdriver (and where would The Doctor be without that?!). As I often do I turned to Thingiverse for help. Unfortunately for me was only a model for the 10th Doctor’s screwdriver and (not that I have anything wrong with “David Tennant”) I needed to remedy that.

Lucky for me the Google 3D Warehouse had a great design that fit my needs ALMOST perfectly, the only downside is that most things on the 3D Warehouse are not modeled for print (lots of non-solid shapes and the like). Putting my maker ingenuity to work I used this great model by BILL-BO-BAGENS as a reference and re-modeled it as a (mostly) solid printable model.

All it needed was a coat of paint after printing and my Sonic Screwdriver was ready for action. Now all I need is a jacket & bow-tie (after all, they are cool).

[thingiverse thing=32065]