Creative Wrapping 2012

Every year for Christmas I like to go a little out of the ordinary with my gift wrapping. The last year I used 3D printed name tags for the gifts, and the year before cut out typographic themed tags. This year I didn’t have quite as much time to gather materials or design name tags but I think they still turned out pretty cool.

I picked up a couple sets of “Thickers Alphabet Stickers” in the “Everywhere Map” design from the scrapbooking section of my local craft store (a section I never dared venture into before). They look similar to my typographic letters from two years ago because they’re made to look like the letters are cut out of an old map. The stickers were around $4 for 4 of each letter plus numbers and punctuation.

While this wasn’t exactly “handmade”, it got the job done quickly and fairly cheaply.