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How I do it: Dropbox

14 Jan


If you don’t have Dropbox installed stop what you’re doing and install it.

Go ahead.

I’ll wait.

For those not “in the know”, Dropbox is free a cloud based backup/psedo-versioning system. And it’s awesome, oh, and it’s free.┬áNote: I really like Dropbox but Google Drive, SpiderOak,, Microsoft SkyDrive, and BitTorrent Sync are all good alternatives. The important thing here is to backup your files! I also use Dropbox to keep my 3D modeling software in sync, here’s how I do it.

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Automated snow SMS alert

11 Jan

I hate leaving for work in the morning and seeing this

As someone that has been dabbling in AutoHotKey for years I have scripts lying around that run on schedules that I don’t remember writing. Some of them I’ve totally forgotten about until they contact me. My “Snow SMS Alert” is one of those sleeper scripts. I wrote this years ago to wake me up early before work if I needed to go clean snow off my car.

Basically it works like this:

Windows Task Scheduler runs the script 30 minutes before I usually wake up for work.
The script pulls down the API feed from Weather Underground and searches for “snow” in a particular location.
If it looks like it’s snowing sendEmail.exe is used to send an SMS to my phone.

You can easily send SMS messages over email using this formatting:

Alltel [10-digit phone number]
AT&T [10-digit phone number]
Boost Mobile [10-digit phone number]
Nextel [10-digit telephone number]
Sprint [10-digit phone number]
T-Mobile [10-digit phone number]
US Cellular [10-digit phone number] (SMS)
Verizon [10-digit phone number]
Virgin Mobile USA [10-digit phone number]


Makes sure SendMail.exe is in the same directory as the AHK script for this to work. With any luck you’ll be greeted with a handy SMS warning before you get out to your car.