Paging Mr. Morrow. Mr. Tom Morrow.

As you may have noticed from reading my blog I’m a bit of a Disney fan. Especially when it comes to Disney parks. I’m love the way they mix innovative engineering with spectacular story telling, the fact that they’re able to blend the two seamlessly has always impressed me, and has inspired my own DIY projects. This summer I decided to push my own 3D modeling skills, and you guessed it, I picked one of my favorite Walt Disney World ride vehicles as my subject.

I decided to model the Tomorrowland Transite Authority (TTA) ride vehicle, sometimes also called the “People Mover”. The majority of my 3D modeling is “purpose driven”, if I have something to repair or a part missing around the house I model a replacement. While I’ve gotten pretty handy at modeling functional parts I thought it was time to try something a bit more creative, a bit less practical, and a bit more fun.

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iPhone cases and Collaboration

Being a maker is often a solitary hobby (which is often a good thing, but it can get lonely), so any time I have the chance to work with other people, I get excited. Recently I was approached by visual artist and designer Silvia Heisel asking for assistance creating a customizable monogrammed iPhone case.

It was a lot of fun to taking someone else’s concept and finding a way to make it into a customizable and reliably repeatable product. I got to work a lot with typography, Inkscape, and OpenSCAD on this project, the first two I haven’t had much of a reason to work with up until now (I love when a project presents itself that lets me expand on my skill sets).

The files are all available on Thingiverse to download and print if you have your own printer here: Monogrammed iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 Case. For the best fit and finish I recommend printing this case with PLA and Makerware’s medium setting.

Don’t have a printer (or just want to have us print it for you)? These cases are also available for purchase at

3D printed monogrammed iPhone cases are fun from sylvia heisel on Vimeo.

“Roll your own” Rolle Bolle

If you’re not familiar (and I certainly wasn’t before the summer of 2012) Rolle Bolle is a Belgium lawn game. It’s kind of like a mix of bowling, and bocce ball. I discovered this strange game during a road trip in Colorado while visiting the New Belgium brewery last summer.

New Belgium has a beautiful set of ~8 inch carved wooden wheels or “Bolles” (imported from belgium) and a course shaped kind of like a mix between a half-pipe and a shuffle board court. My group of friends rolled our bolles in the Colorado sun for hours, and at some point during our marathon I decided that I needed a set for myself back in Chicago.

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How I do it: OpenSCAD

OpenSCAD Header

As I said in my previous post on SketchUp, I really enjoy reading about how other users setup and use their software. I usually find a plugin or setting that I never knew existed which helps me work more efficiently. I don’t know if my OpenSCAD setup has anything in it that’s out of the ordinary, but maybe something I use will help someone else out.

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